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Agriforwards CDT


Please note that in order to apply for Cambridge PhD course in Robotics and Autonomous System (RAS), the candidate should successfully complete MSc in RAS at University of Lincoln.

For information about MSc in RAS please follow the link: Agriforwards CDT-Lincoln

In addition to the final MSc in RAS certificate, the applicants will have to provide:

  1. CV/Resume that should include a statement describing the reasons for applying to the Agriforwards CDT programme
  2. Two academic references preferrably from your most recent academic supervisors
  3. Evidence of competence in English, if required -- could be checked here
  4. PhD research proposal

Many of 'Agriforwards' CDT-Cambridge students will do their PhD research at the Engineering Department of the UoC. This means that when they make their application to Cambridge, they should choose a PhD in Engineering course, but some will be studying with the other departments, such as Computer Science and Technology or Plant Sciences. Those will need to make applications to the relevant departments and satisfy their entrance requirements.

Please see below the entrance requirements for all PhD options available at the Agriforwards CDT-Cambridge:

PhD in Engineering

PhD in Computer Science 

PhD in Plant Sciences