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Agriforwards CDT


The Agriforwards CDT brings together a unique collaboration of leading researchers from the Universities of Lincoln, Cambridge and East Anglia, located at the heart of the UK Agri-food business, and supported by leading industrial partners. The far-reaching engagement with industry provides a great opportunity for the research to be moved rapidly towards real-world applications in the Agri-food industry.

An ongoing training programme that takes place throughout the Agriforwards CDT University Consortium addresses subject-specific, general scientific and technical skills for agricultural and food-manufacturing application.

The programme is supported by excellent facilities, including an Agri-Robotics field centre with a fleet of state-of-the-art Agri-robots, a demonstration farm with arable holdings, glasshouses, poly-tunnels, and livestock laboratories, advanced robotic manipulators and mobile robots, advanced sensing, imaging and camera technologies, high performance computing facilities and excellent links to industrial facilities and test environments.

The Agriforwards CDT programme provides students with an access to inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration opportunities. The Agriforwards CDT University Consortium has established mechanisms of co-supervisions, industrial partnerships and various training activities leading to novel and high-impact solutions to scientific and industrial challenges.

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