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Agriforwards CDT


Department of Engineering

Supervisor  Research Interests

Dr Alexandra Brintrup

Predictive Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Manufacturing.  Development of automated and scalable optimisation and distributed decision making technologies.  Identification of emergent patterns in manufacturing and industrial systems
Prof Simone Hochgreb

Professor Simone Hochgreb is interested in energy,  fluid mechanics and reacting flows, and the development and application of spectroscopic and other experimental methods for understanding the transport of fluids. Possible projects are in the area of understanding the transport of air, energy, nutrients and products in agriculture in confined or open environments, and the application of sensing techniques for the determination of velocities and species that influence plant growth. 

Dr Fulvio Forni Differential methods for system analysis (oscillators, multistable systems). Nonlinear control and hybrid control (electro-mechanical systems, systems with saturations, robotics)
Dr Fumiya Iida Robotics, Mechatronics, Machine Intelligence, Soft Robotics, Human-robot interactions, Embodies artificial intelligence
Additive manufacturing and biomimetic material design for sensors and optoelectronic devices (ultraminiaturised spectrometers, and photodetectors), classification algorithms for sensor performance optimisation. 0D, 2D and 0D-2D nanomaterial synthesis for sensor systems
Dr Ignas Budvytis Structured deep learning.  Semantic and instance segmentation. Video analysis. Autonomous driving. Localisation. Robotics and computer vision applications
Prof Joan Lasenby 3D reconstruction (multiple RGB camera, depth cameras); point cloud analysis (registration, object recognition); geometric algebra (computer vision, graphics, CAD); image and video processing for medical applications; machine learning)
Prof George Malliaras Main research interest is Bioelectronics. Research themes include the design and validation of implantable and cutaneous devices to interface with the brain, with the aim of understanding and treating neurological disorders and brain cancer. They also include the realisation of electronic devices and circuits that mimic some of the computational features of the brain. The group is also interested in the fundamental phenomena governing the operation of bioelectronic devices.
Dr Letizia Mortara

Technological Decision-Making in response to fast-changing contexts. Managing and exploiting Emerging Technologies, Technology Intelligence, Open Innovation, Business Model Innovation

Dr Mukesh Kumar Understanding of Industrial chain resilience and sustainability. Issues of food supply chains linked with food security. Differences between emerging and mature industrial systems. Distributed Manufacturing
Prof Roberto Cipolla Computer vision. Robotics. Computer vision for human-computer interaction. Visually guided robotics.  Applications of computer vision.
Dr Ruchi Choudhary New methods and tools for the simulation community: (a) a simulation platform for multi-period energy retrofits under economic uncertainties, (b) stochastic urban-scale energy model that quantifies the impact of current UK policies, and (c) spatial energy network optimization tool.
Dr Sebastian Pattinson Additive  manufacturing, computational design, nano- to the macro-scale enhanced function materials
Dr Thomas Bohné Intersection of human capacity and technology to create solutions that can make a significant contribution towards a better future
Prof Tim Minshall Open innovation, digital manufacturing, manufacturing skills

Department of Computer Science and Technology

Supervisor Research Interests
Dr Amanda Prorok Algorithms for coordinating systems composed of multiple autonomous robots. This research brings in methods from planning, control, estimation, and learning, and has numerous applications, including automated transport and logistics, environmental monitoring, surveillance, and search.
Dr Cengiz Oztireli Computer graphics, vision, and machine learning/artificial intelligence
Dr Hatice  Gunes Artificial Emotional Intelligence, Affective Computing, Human-like Computing, Personality Computing, Social Signal Processing, Human Behaviour Understanding, Social Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Intelligent User Interfaces, Human Sensing in Virtual Reality, Assistive Technologies.

Department of Plant Sciences and Sainsbury Laboratory

Supervisor Research Interests
Dr Julia Davis Plasma membrane (PM) calcium channels involved in root signal transduction, nutrition and growth
Dr Nik Cunniffe Mathematical modelling of the spread, detection, evolution and control of plant and tree diseases
Dr Alexander Jones Investigation of how plant hormones serve as signal integrators and master regulators of physiology and development. Development of new technologies for high-resolution sensing and perturbation of plant hormones in vivo

Department of Chemistry

Supervisor Research Interests
Dr Jenny Zhang Semi-artificial photosynthesis, bio-photoelectrochemistry, chemical sensors, electrode design, biofilm biotechnology


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